No1 Full CMS for React.js | Make your website Editable for the whole team

CMS + Reusable Component Library = 🥳

Make your React website editable for the whole team. Build a UI Component Library and drag & drop those components to a page at runtime.

Like a headless CMS but with superpowers

Drag and Drop your UI React components and change the props at runtime.

Fast page deployments

You can build a new page in minutes by reusing existing UI Components. When you are ready, you can go live just by clicking a button.

Brand consistency

By re-using UI Components created by your UI/UX and Dev Team, you can keep a consistent UI Branding throughout your company websites.

Involve everyone on the team

Developers can build UI Components. Anybody else in the team can edit the props or these components on the fly — no coding skills are required for them.

It's 2020 and you're in the future

You don't have to hardcode all your components to your pages
Just build UI Components and let the whole team edit them on runtime.

Edit pages on the fly

You can create, edit & delete your pages on the fly without coding skills to involve any member or your agile team without any coding skills.

Cut Development costs

That's right! You can use your expensive development resources to focus on more complex tasks while people without coding skills can edit the page

Use your content anywhere

You can still use the content that you created like any other headless cms tool by using our API, ready to deploy to any digital channel.

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